About Us

Dra. Bello Products has been focusing on enhancing your health, constantly investing in research and development to

bring you more amazing products.

Our high quality product line is simply remarkable at affordable prices like our Formula 21 which is a rapid relief

ointment for all kinds of rashes. Our Next Day 21 is a blazing fast hangover cure and the C21 is a powerful

Vitamin-C liquid ready to drink.

Dra. Bello’s Products are made with professionalism, thinking of you. Our top of the line manufacturing installations

are located in Houston, Texas.

Dra Bello Products Inc, is a family owned company with over 40 years of experience. Our operations began in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. Dra Bello Products Inc. relocated to Houston Texas

and recorded in the Secretary of State of Texas # 801 492 633 in October 2011.
Dra Bello Products Inc. is a company specializing in OTC (over the counter) products, registered with the # 078272165
FDA (food and drug administration), Texas Department of State Health Services with nonprescription license drug, and
Food Manufacturer License. # 1000128 and License #1008507All Dra Bello Products have United and State registered
patents and trademark.
Dra Bello Products,
is registered with the business of the global language known as a GS1 # 0342416 generic is an international code for
your UPC barcode. Dra Bello Products has their own formulas for each of goods as consultants having two companies
specialized in beverage and microanalysis. Our Keystone Products, Energy products 21, Next Day 21 and Man Control
shall not be affected with new regulations that the FSDA will apply to the products with caffeine, as they are completely natural
Dra Bello Products Inc. is one of the few companies used for producing raw material, packaging and
production in the United States. Dra Bello Products Inc. is a company with financing and a master of its own machinery.
Therefore, we do not rely on any other company to produce our products. Our machinery is the latest in technology.
Dra Bello Products Inc. facility plant is located in Houston Texas.