Product Reliability,
We service entrepreneurs and established retailers in grocery, convenience stores, food & drug, dollar stores, distributors and wholesalers. There is no job to big or small. Dra Bello Products Inc. has the program that fits your needs and budgets. We do as small as 1oz.
Dra Bello Inc. specializes in non-alcoholic beverages,
including energy shots, energy drinks, custom shots,
sports drinks, vitamin waters, bottled water and other specialty drinks. Have a new category? Lay it on us!! Let us develop your next private label store brand unique label to your requirements. We have the capabilities to do the job right.
Equipment Features: Capabilities
• Up to 150 containers per minute
• Sanitary stainless steel
• Servo driven output for fast and accurate delivery
• C-Frame design for easy integration to existing bottling lines
• Suitable for full body labeling or tamper evident banding
• High speed delivery upgrade
• Motorized film take-off
• Conveyors, puck systems, or feed
The SL1 Series shrink sleeve labeling machines are designed for continuous use on both tamper evident banding
and full body sleeve labeling projects. There high speed servo driven output allows for fast and accurate sleeve
labeling and banding up to 200 cpm. Various models are available to accommodate a large range of sleeve size
up to a 300mm lay flat. So whether you need to label or band an eye drop container or a tub of butter an SL1 Series Sleeve Labeler can accommodate your projects needs.
• 10,000 ~ 20,000 GPD Commercial Output
• High Flow Low-Energy TFC Membrane
• 20" 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Prefilter
• 18" FSI 10 Micron Bag Filter
• Multistage Booster Pump with TEFC Motor
• Contaminant rejection 96 - 98.5%
• Made in USA with High Quality Components
The Accutek Bulk Loading Cap Elevator is the perfect machine for elevating and depositing closures to your cap
orientating unit. Its floor level design eliminates the need for machine operators to use ladders or platforms to reload the orientation device. This increases plant safety as well as increases overall productivity of the orientation device by maintaining a proper level, refilling only when needed.
The G9 High Temperature Recirculation Shrink Tunnels are primarily used for high speed tamper evident banding, neck bands, or capsule sealing applications. It excels at shrinking film onto cold filling glass containers and is widely used in the vine and beverage industry where speed and accuracy are important.