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Unlike other products, Dra Bella Products are
completely natural products. We can label our products under your private label and we will insure the product through our Liability Coverage
Formula 21 rash
This cream does not produce any kind of side effects. Other creams on the market are vaseline based. Formula 21 is water based and non greasy. Formula 21 leaves a skin barrier that protects, heals for hours and gives rapid relief. Formula 21 is ideal for any skin rashes or irritations. Samples are the perfect size to be given to fire, police, military and EMS personnel. It’s an excellent remedy for people who are disabled and bed bound for a long period of time.
Energy 21
This is a product that does not cause discomfort after coming down from rush effect for the simple fact that our product does not contain caffeine, as in other products that are known to cause cardiac disorders and headaches.
Man Control
This is a product made by natural plants and minerals natural energy giving a men and give safety the intimate moments, a difference of products are in the market that are chemicals and after use the effect is headache, vision blue and general
discomfort in tests have we had with one hundred men
effectiveness of a 98%.
Next day 21
This is our most popular product for consumers between 21 to 38 years. This product replenishes nutrients in the body after heavy alcohol consumption. Customer feedback has shown that the customer has experience hangover relief in as little as 30 minutes after taking Nextday 21.
C 21
Our C21 product is 1000 mg of Vitamin C. It has a sweet orange flavor with a great taste for children and adults.
Vitamin C strengthens the respiratory, nervous, digestive, and intestinal system. Vitamin C also stimulates the antibody
production and helps prevent the common cold.